New Code of Behaviour (Underage) that came into effect in November 2014

posted 23 Jan 2015, 14:29 by Denis Tuohy Agricultural Consultant   [ updated 23 Jan 2015, 15:27 ]

Please find attached please link to the new Code of Behaviour (Underage) that came into effect in November 2014. This is a joint Code shared by all of the Gaelic Games Associations.


Two attachments are provided as per below:


1                    A copy of the new Code of Behaviour (Underage) where a full copy of the 36 page booklet that may be downloaded as                       required.

2                    A section by section copy of the Code including all ten sections which may be downloaded individually, section by section.


This, the 5th version of the Code, replaces all previous editions of the Code of Behaviour when working with children and young people.  The Code you will note is but one section, albeit a vital section, of our overall Code of Best Practice in Youth Sport.


The Code of Behaviour (Underage) is a mandatory Code for all persons working in any role of responsibility with Children in the GAA, Camogie, Ladies Football, Rounders or Handball, and has been adopted by our relevant Central Councils and is in accordance with Rule.


You are requested to upload this Code in a prominent position on your Club Website. 

Please note Section 8 of the Code of Behaviour which is a new Section that outlines the agreed mechanism for Dealing with Alleged Breaches of the Code of Best Practice at Club and County level.  This requires all Clubs and Counties to appoint their own Code of Best Practice Hearings Committee to hear and adjudicate on breaches of the Code.

A Briefing will be held for Club Children's Officers, Club Executive Officers, Health & Well-being Officers County Board Officers & Games-Coaching Committee to assist the implementation of these new structures.

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GAA Underage Code of Behaviour Documents