Hand Pass

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Key Points – Questions to Prompt Answers from Players – Three Key Points

· 1) Ask them if they are striking the ball with the Right hand then everything else is – Answer Everything else is Left

· Left Shoulder – Pointing towards their partner and feet together

· Left Hand – Ball is the Left hand which is pointing towards their partner

· Left Leg – Left Legs steps towards partner. Ask players what stepping forward gives them Answer Gives Balance and Power

· 2) Two types of hand pass

· Short distance use Open hand and push ball with finger tips. The open hand must strike the underneath the ball

· Long distance use wrist. Have players clench fist and point knuckles backwards and this forces wrist to strike the ball

· 3) Ask players what the holding hand cannot do when striking the ball – Answer the holding cannot move

Common Errors

· Look for players put the same leg forward as the striking hand. This gives the player better balance when striking the ball

· Fix – Right hand striking the ball then everything else is Left (Left leg steps forward)

· Players trying to strike the ball to a team mate while facing straight (chest to chest) on, some players are unable to perform a h/p like this

· Fix – Left hand striking the ball then everything else is Right (Right shoulder pointing towards target)


· If Left hand is striking the ball everything else is - Answer Everything else is Right

· Right Shoulder (pointing where), Right Hand (Holding Ball in what position), Right Leg(Stepping Forward)

· Stepping forward gives us – Answer Balance and Power

· Short distance use – Answer open hand and striking the ball where – Answer underneath

· Long distance use – Wrist

· Holding hand cannot – Answer Move


· A Ball between two

· Each player does a hand pass to their partner with the right hand and then the left hand

Drills – Introduce Movement to the Skill

Straight Line Hand Pass – We have all have seen this drill don

Box Hand Pass –


Piggy in The Middle – Players supporting left and right - U8, U10 and U12

· Ask players what happens when they hand pass over opposition players heads – often leads to intercepts

· Mark out a square 3 meters by 3 meters (or what ever size you feel is suitable for your players) with same colour cones

· Have a player on three of the cones and a player (Piggy)in the middle of the square

· There are two rules A) Player in possession cannot move B) Ball cannot be passes diagonally across the square

· Player in possession must always have two options to pass to, one on his left and one on his right

· As there are 4 cones and 3 hand passers there is always a free cone and as the ball is moved around the square a player will also move to the free cone. This teachers players to make themselves available for pass by moving to the side to receive a hand pass

· Player in the middle tries to intercept the ball as the three players move the ball around the square. Change Piggy after 10 successful hand passes

Maniac – Encourages movement to receive Hand Pass and Pass First Time – U10s and U12s

· Mark out a square 5 meters by 5 meters (or what ever size you feel is suitable for your players) with same colour cones

· Four players in the square with 3 players acting as team mates and 1 player as Maniac

· The 3 players try and tag the Maniac by touching (They cannot hand pass the ball at Maniac) off the Maniac

· The Maniac avoids being tagged by running around inside the square and avoids the player in possession

· The only rule is players can only take two steps when in possession

Common Errors

· Players in possession always take the 2 steps and never get near tagging the Maniac

· Fix – Get players to give a hand pass immediately they receive a hand pass

· At least one the two players not in possession seems to be standing still

· Fix - Encourage the 3 players to always be moving and have a penalty for any player who continually breaks this rule

Fun Game – Hand Passing Dodge Ball – All Grades

· Mark out a rectangle suitable size to the number of your players

· Give a ball to 25% of your players

· These players must chase the remaining players and try to knock them out by hand passing the ball off of them

· Rules –

· If a player is hit by a hand pass they are out

· If a player catches a hand pass they now have the ball and the hand passer is out. This gets players to work on the chest catch by running backwards when being chased ready to catch the ball And knock the hand passer out

· Players can go for any part of the body with the exception of the head

· Players in possession can also knock each other out of the game

· Every player can go for any loose ball on the ground

· Last player standing is the winner


· Have players solo when in possession

· Have players use correct pick up when ball is on the ground