Under 12 Hurling Leagues 2013

U12 Hurling Leagues Rules 2013
The U12 Hurling Leagues 2013 will consist of a set of league games over eight weeks culminating in a Finals Day for all teams on week eight.
The 5 leagues will be known as the Cusack, Davin, Bennett, Vaughan and McNamara leagues. 
The Vaughan and McNamara leagues will consist of the second teams of the Cusack and Davin league clubs respectively.
Standard hurling rules will apply in all games.
The sliotar used will be smart touch ball.
Each game to consist of 2 halves of 20minutes
The maximum number of players in every team will be 11 aside.
Unlimited substitutes will be permitted.
Standard team sheets must be submitted to the referee at every game 
Unlimited substitutions allowed (no slips necessary for the referee)
Score difference will determine league placing.
Proposed Finals  will be on Friday 19th/20th and 21st July 2013 and will involve the team that finished 1st in the league playing the team that finished 2nd in the league, team 3 playing team 4, team 5 playing team 6, team 7 playing team 8 and team 9 playing team 10.
Goalposts should be placed on the 20M line and the sidelines should be narrowed on either side to approximately 65M/70M. 
Where 2 games are being played at the 1 time the pitches should go from the 13m line to the far 45m line at opposite ends of the pitch. Width of pitches should be from the sideline to the 1st goal post.
In the case of a 9 aside game, one of the Goalposts should be moved out from the 20M to the 45M as is done in the National School games.
It is proposed to use either existing referees or newly trained young whistlers to referee the games.
There is no square ball in the games.
In accordance with general rule, penalties will be awarded for offences inside the square.
Games cannot be cancelled or postponed without the organising committee’s agreement. 3 days notice must be giving for any postponement of games.
Results must be text every week to 0831014430 by the two clubs that played in the game.
The dates of the Mini Leagues fixtures are as follows:
Round 1  -  Saturday 1st June 2013
Round 2  -  Sunday 9th June 2013
Round 3  -  Sunday 16th June 2013
Round 4  - Saturday 22nd or Sunday 23rd June 2013 (see Note)
Round 5  -  Sunday 30th June 2013
Round 6  -  Saturday 6th July 2013
Round 7  -  Saturday 13th July 2013
Finals Days  :  Friday 19th July/Saturday 20th July/Sunday 21st July