Under 13 Clooney-Quin Tournament 2012

As per the County Fixtures Booklet, the Clooney-Quin U13 Hurling Tournament will commence on Saturday 8th September 2012.

Proposed Format

It is proposed to have 3 to 4 divisions (depending on entries) and participating teams will be placed in groups of either 3 or 4 teams (as per previous years) within these divisions. The tournament will be run on a round robin basis where every team will play the other teams in their group over three Saturdays (8th, 15th & 29th September) leading to semi-finals and finals in October.

 Game Rules

·         Normal rules of hurling but with unlimited substitutes,

 Size 4 Sliotar & 60 Minutes games.

·         Teams will be fifteen-a-side in Div 1 & 2 and thirteen-a side in Div 3 & Div 4.


Group Placing 

·         Two points will be awarded for a win and one point for a draw.     

·         Failure to fulfill a match by a team will automatically result in the awarding of 2 points         (with zero score) to the opposition (other group teams in their game against that team).


In the event of teams finishing on similar points on a group table, then the following rules will be adopted in the order specified to determine final placings:

1.      The result between the two teams in the Group game.

2.      Then aggregate score difference : Total points (incl goals) for – Total points against.

3.      Then total number of actual points scored.


If necessary, 20 minutes extra time (10 mins a half) will be played at semi-final and final stages.


Tournament coordinator will be John Culligan 085 1744342 (john.culligan@eircom.net).


If you would like your club to enter this year’s tournament, then please email John the following information by Friday 10th August 2012 :-


·         U13 Club Manager contact with his/her mobile number and email address


You will also need to forward a cheque for € 90 (payable to Clooney-Quin GAA Minor Club)

to me by Friday 24th August 2012.


Please  note that the Clooney-Quin GAA Club will make the final decision in all cases.


Yours sincerely,

Peter Sheehy,


Clooney-Quin GAA Minor Club

Cranagher, Quin

24th July 2012.

 Clooney-Quin Under-13 Tournament Fixtures 
 4 Divisions -----  30 Minutes a half  ----  Unlimited Substitutes 
 Division 1 and Division 2 will have 8 Teams each                                                       
 Division 3 will have upto 12 Teams 
 Division 4 will be for Clubs' 2nd Teams 
Round 1  -  Saturday 8th September 2012 
Round 2  -  Saturday 15th September 2012 
Round 3  -  Saturday 29th September 2012 
Semi-Finals on Saturday 6th or Saturday 13th October 2012
Finals on Saturday 13th or Saturday 20th October 2012
Denis Tuohy Agricultural Consultant,
27 Jul 2012, 04:56